Speed up service for business lunches by getting groups to preorder and pre-pay.

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Drastically improve service times by taking advanced orders using our cloud based preorder manager, from work, home or on the move...

My clients were extremely impressed with the efficiency of the service we received, enabling us to be back at work within the hour!

Business owner & EasyPreOrders user

  • Increased revenue through more covers
  • Set a guaranteed lunch service by using EPO
  • Cut service times by 30 minutes with preorders & payments online.
  • Customers have more confidence if they can preorder & prepay.
  • Table cards, with orders and payment info automatically
  • Manage payments online securely in seconds.
  • Auto reminders saves time – no more chasing organisers
  • Reduce wastage, reduced costs, sell more

EasyPreOrders is the fast way to organise business lunches & time critical events

  • Lunch trade is key to the restaurant industry, but it is difficult in todays market to entice guests into venues to spend their precious lunch hour. Tactics such as cut price menus, making meals price competitive with supermarket sandwich meal deals are simply not working. Why?

    Our research has shown this is simply because guests are not confident in being able to sit down, order food, enjoy their meal and pay the bill, whilst still having time to get back to the office.

    EasyPreOrders efficiently collects and collates all the data associated with dining automatically, from small groups of 2 all the up to a restaurant busting 200, freeing up your staff members valuable time to see to the needs of your paying customers.

  • As guests choose their own meals from a selection of options from your menus, you know you will receive exactly what they have ordered every time. Front of house, kitchen reports and table cards are all produced at the click of a button, saving your restaurant hours of administration time.

    Our unrivalled technology enables customers to make secure payment in full to the venue in a matter of seconds, so no more hanging around waiting to the settle the bill. Deposits can also be paid to secure a booking in advance of the event.

    Using an efficient system as EPO can dramatically speed up service times, enabling more tables to be turned, an increased number of covers and greater revenues.