EPO saves 1 venue £6000 per year, £100,000s across chains

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Save hours of administration time, reduce wastage and save thousands of pounds every year by using our cloud based preorder manager, from work, home or on the move…

We used to employ Seasonal staff costing our business money, EPO means we don’t have to anymore, saving us thousands all year round

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  • EPO offers a 10 – 30 x minimum return on investment
  • Saves 1000s of hours of administration time per year.
  • Use advance ordering information to secure better supplier prices.
  • Reduce wastage by an average of 8%.
  • Staff are better prepared, ensuring a smoother service with less mistakes.
  • Automated front of house, kitchen reports and table cards.
  • Only buy and cook the food you need.
  • Automated reminders and payments means no time spent chasing customers.

EasyPreOrders is the efficient way to make huge savings whilst increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Traditional periods of increased trade would mean additional costs for businesses, hiring part time staff, spending time and money training them to a sufficient standard, only to have them leave once trade dies off. Christmas time is a prime example of this. The majority of business owners will hire in staff to perform administration duties, such as managing bookings and preorders, leaving experienced staff to deal with service on the night. Many venues using EasyPreOrders still hire staff at Christmas but not to maintain a ring binder full of paper but to sell more!

    More often than not the preorder system for a restaurant is a critical part of the business during busy service periods, involving a ring binder stuffed with spreadsheets, emails, receipts and other notes. We can convert this into a modern, online preordering system providing your business with a cost effective, convenient way to manage pre-orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

    EasyPreOrders can save these costs, ensuring preorders are handled automatically, whilst your experienced permanent staff can provide your smooth service. The cost of EPO will help you save money and budget efficiently, being equivalent to the revenue generated by just 10 guests per year!

  • EasyPreOrders works by allowing organisers to invite their own guests, making choices from your menus. You receive this information in real time, keeping you fully informed of the situation at every step, including deposits paid and numbers confirmed.

    The advanced notice of the orders coming through to the business, enables savvy managers to manage stock more efficiently, by being able to exactly order only for the requirements of each meal. Your kitchen team need only prepare and cook food for what is needed and throw virtually nothing away in the bin!

    Guests can quickly and easily make deposit transactions for preorders to secure their booking, bringing no-shows down to 0%. With set parameters associated to different menus, you can receive all monies weeks in advance of the actual meal, improving cash flow, and making it easy for guests to send you their money.