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Eliminate the hassle of preordering

  • Reduce administration to virtually zero, saving hours of work
  • Receive payments online, and turn tables more quickly
  • Analyse sales & kitchen reports, and reduce wastage to virtually zero
  • Chase guests automatically, saving your organisers valuable time


For enterprise solutions, please call 0800 01 GO EPO or email [email protected]

  • EPO GO
    £0/MONTH+ 20p/guest

    Online payments: 5% + merchant fees

    Pay-as-you go option

    • Suitable for smaller, dynamic venues
    • 300 free table cards
    • Must take payments
    • Reduced support/features


    £50/MONTH+ 5p/guest

    Online payments: 2% + merchant fees

    Good value, low monthly contract

    • Suitable for larger, focused venues
    • 600 free table cards
    • 2hrs dedicated training
    • Choose to take payments
    • No min guests per month


    £90/MONTH+ 0p/guest

    Online payments: 1% + merchant fees

    Higher monthly, lower ongoing costs

    • Use of packages to sell anything
    • Free rebrand
    • Suitable for venues maximising use
    • 1,200 free table cards
    • 2hrs dedicated, onsite training
    • Full account access, inc. events & itineraries
    • No cover charges


GET 2 months free

on EPO PLUS and EPO PRO when you pay annually


We recouped the cost of EasyPreOrders three times over in two weeks! Organisers return as they save hours booking with us.

Jodie Foulds,
Ego Restaurants

How long is the minimum contract if I decide to use EasyPreOrders?
12 months.
When do I first pay?
Your first payment will be taken on day 31, if you have not cancelled the free trial.
Can I cancel within 30 days and pay nothing?
Of course — just call or send us an email to cancel.
What happens if I don’t use or have contact with anyone at EPO after 30 days?
Nothing — you won’t be charged. You are simply losing out :)
When do I have to enter my payment details?
We’ll need your payment details if you want to start taking money online (takes 10min to set up), or if you want training, account setup or table card paper.
What happens if I don’t cancel my account?
If you haven’t set up guest payments, received training or ordered paper, you won‘t be charged. Otherwise, you’ll be automatically started on EPO+ and charged £50 + VAT per month for 12 months (that’s the equivalent of just 2 guests’ revenue!).
How does the setup work?
It takes around 8–15 minutes to create your own venue account and add a menu. But if you’d rather we did it for you, no problem — get in touch and we’ll set up your account with a menu in less than 10 minutes!
Is there an EasyPreOrders "sales mentality"?
We are offering to upload your menus for you, and to spend at least an hour making sure you are happy with adding bookings and reports. We also offer you free support for 30 days. A genuinely brilliant and simple system! We simply ask that you complete a couple of bookings, whether tests for yourself or for live customers. This will take 5-30 minutes of your time.....that is all! :)

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