EPO Partnerships

Grow your margins with an EPO partnership business suite.

The Wholesaler trade is a competitive market, with customers demanding high level of service at all times of the year. Annual supplier price increases means ever shifting costs for you, and in turn prices for your customers, causing issues at inconvenient times of the year, with all hands on deck to ensure things are managed correctly, causing as minimal disruption as possible.

Gaining new business is tough, but once you have a good customer, they are generally loyal to your excellent customer service, and happy to refuse the proverbial carrot dangled in front of them from your competitors.

With so many levels to your business, from sales, marketing, customer service, purchasing, invoicing, stock control & fleet management, your team need to work together in every aspect of business, to fully co-ordinate the desired outcome right for you customers. With so many steps to consider, there will always be errors, or a last minute change that can cause an issue to your usually smooth operation.

EasyPreOrders can provide your wholesale operation with a customized business suite solution, tailored to meet every need of your business. We can create 24 hour online ordering, automatically calculated from your customers sales levels, fed directly to your sales staff, eliminating mistakes. This can automatically generate and send out invoices to customers, picking lists to the warehouse team, and delivery schedules to the drivers, while providing you or management team with total oversight of every facet of your operation, from any internet connected device on the planet.

Our clever technology can be utilized to automatically calculate your annual price increases, in turn advising your client base on exactly when there prices will be affected, and by how much, saving you countless hours of time, and stress. EPO can even work with your customers, providing them with improved customer service levels and greater profitability through increased savings and generating extra revenue.

On placing an order with your company, your customer can receive an invoice direct to their smartphone, and even pay it in seconds through our secure payment portal. They can check for real time updates through their smartphone on the progress of their order, enabling them and you to stay fully informed of when their de3livery will be. Our smart technology can even send emails or text alerts advising a client that their order is on the way, including information such as delivery vehicle, driver and time window expectations.

By choosing to work with EPO you will receive the very highest standards of service to ensure your business needs are met. We achieve this through delivering a world class product to your business & customers, driving your operation to even greater success, making your service the envy of your competitors. Give us a call so we can discuss with you how EPO can improve your profits and take your business to the next level.

Start trading with EPO today.