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Timetable your way to a better service.

Running your own trainline is most boys childhood dream, however in reality things can quickly turn into an operational nightmare. Ever increasing costs, falling standards of service and plummeting profitability are a recipe for disaster, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Increase Food sales

EasyPreOrders can offer your rail company a tailored solution to work with your existing operation, improving customer service levels whilst reducing your operating costs.

Our system can be utilized to capture customer food preorders, enabling your catering teams to streamline their operation, and offer greater choice, whilst securing payment from commuters even before they arrive at the station.

The Process

When a passenger purchases a ticket they can be invited to view the trains on line menu from which they can order any type of food depending upon the trains facilities. For example you could invite all 1st Class breakfast guests to make their choices, (perhaps with a small incentive), that means you will know exactly what everybody wants. The onboard kitchen would simply need to view these order on our Mobile or Tablet enabled site, see names, and choices and even dietary requirements.

Why not even upsell food to standard class ticket holders? Again by empowering staff with the knowledge of what everybody wants before they board allows them to prepare. No more, piles of unwanted sandwiches and even allow this information to be seen by your 3rd party suppliers significantly reducing waste and therefore your costs.

Customer insight and sales

Our head office functionality can give you complete oversight across your network, highlighting popular dishes on specific routes, empowering your managers to make the right choices for your clients, reducing costs and wastage, without compromising service levels.

Your onboard service will be better than ever, with our tailored seat planning package, providing your on board team with the exact information they need on who has ordered what meal in what seat of which cabin, meaning customers are happy and receive world class service every time, encouraging repeat business for your company.

By being better prepared for meal services, you will be able to command better pricing from suppliers, and obtain instant reports to grant your analysts valuable data to identify where service improvements can be obtained, improving overall profitability and functionality.

Our dedicated team of developers will provide your business with a fully white labelled service, tailored to your existing brand identity, fully matching all your needs, ensuring your end product is exclusive to your company.

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