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Select the perfect itinerary with your own EPO business suite.

Planning a tour for your clients means having in depth knowledge of each step of their journey, so they can make the most of their time, hassle free. From booking their preferred mode of transportation, to which hotel suits their taste, you try hard to make every aspect just right, to encourage repeat business for subsequent opportunities.

Collecting, collating and reviewing so much information can be a long process, with multiple calculations to make and hundreds of tiny details to consider. Each of these can present a potential opportunity to make or break a sale.

Creating Quotes

EasyPreOrders can offer your business a customised online solution, allowing you to capture just the information you need, directly from potential customers, and match it with supplier offerings, enabling you quote for business effectively in seconds, with no errors thanks to our clever always online technology.

Customers fill in a simple online form outlining the specifics they require, either from the comfort of their own sofa via a tablet, or sat at your desk in your high street office. This data is fed into our database and instantly returns a wealth of options that accurately match their requirements, meaning you can create a dream package in minutes, freeing up more time to sell more packages to more customers.

Packages, Itineraries and Meals

EasyPreOrders can be configured to allow your Events team or the Customer to view the packages created for them and in turn invite all other guests to see what’s on offer.

No just collecting food choices for Venues, you can create any type of Package or Itinerary. A classic example would be a Coach tour to London that includes a ticket to a West end Show, but not before that all important Pre-Theatre meal. Guests can be invited to come, view the itinerary, and place their orders seamlessly online using Mobile phones, tablets or computers.

Be in Control

Automatically receive notifications of what has been purchased and by whom, and depending upon your payment terms accept Deposits or full payments. With a comprehensive reporting suite EasyPreOrders creates Itinerary Reports, Pre-order choices, Table Cards and even invoices at the click of a button.

Our world class developers will spend time working with your business to fully understand your processes and operations, so when launching your bespoke EPO business suite, it is fully branded to your current identity, and works first time, every time, to your exact specifications.

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