EPO for Independent Venues

Stand on your own two feet with an EPO business suite.

Running an independent restaurant is a dream for many but the vast majority do not realize how much work is involved and the amount of hours you have to work per week.

Its great owning your own business, you are your own boss and in full control of your own destiny. There are times when work can get in the way of enjoying life, but business is business and you sometimes have to dig deep to ensure everything runs just as it should.

Online Trading in 15 minutes

EasyPreOrders can help you become an online trading business within 15 minutes and allow you to manage small and large bookings alike with a huge amount of efficiency. No longer will you have to spend hours chasing and collating reports.

EasyPreOrders does all the hard work for you whilst allowing you to grow your client base and offer services that are simply not possible without it. For example, lunch trade is an almost impossible nut to crack, so why not use EasyPreOrders to allow guests to pre-order and pre-pay, cutting service time and also reducing the marginal cost of that meal with no waste and no admin.

Shout about your business quickly and free!

We have a team of worldclass developers who can customise our award winning technology to look, feel and operate just how your business needs it. We can upload a menu of products you wish to sell, including pricing & discount codes. We make it easy to show your offerings with the world through instant social media sharing with Facebook and Twitter integration. Your customers can view your items online, check out pricing, place an order and even pay for the goods within a matter of minutes, turning your business into a fully online retailer overnight.

Our system collates a database of customers for you in our handy online address book, so you can be sure all of their important details are available at the click of a button, enabling you easy access to send out special offers, or gentle reminders to encourage repeat business at any time of year.

EasyPreOrders anywhere anytime

Being your own business owner often means you have to perform tasks that take you off-site at a moment’s notice. No problem with EPO, our cloud based platform means you can access your account from any internet connected device in the world, ensuring you are never too far away from your business. Our size responsive technology means that whether it’s a Tablet, phone or laptop, EPO will always look great and give you full acc3ss to what you need, and the same applies to your customer being able to buy their goods from you, anytime, anywhere, all year round.

EPO are real people who enjoy working with real people that want to do great business — give us a call so we can discuss with you how EPO can improve your profits and take your business to the next level.

Manage your business the easy way with EPO today, call us on 0800 01 GO EPO for a quick chat.