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Co-ordinate your way with a custom EPO business suite.

Operating a large multiple venue business means lots of complex systems, and each venue tends to have their own way of doing things, even if you have standardized operating procedures. No 2 staff members are alike and sometimes getting the information you need can take longer than you would like, or it is presented in a different format depending on where it comes from.

Whether it is selling your customers a specific product, service, or providing a quotation for consideration, there are many calculations across your business that need to be just right as they all ultimately affect your bottom line.

Become easy to work with

EasyPreOrders has a customer facing preorder system branded as your own, that capture orders directly from the customer, eliminating the need for staff to spend their time speaking with customers, checking they have collected all the right details. Put simply this avoids rekeying data numerous times for Front of House, the Kitchen and then for Head Office to understand order volumes and correlations.

Our clever technology allows your business to sell its goods and services directly to 3rd parties through our secure payments system, with money paid to your nominated account through a merchant bank account. We have no monthly fees or nasty hidden charges.

To ensure we offer your business the correct service, we can offer a bespoke EPO business suite, designed around our existing technology, to fit in with your current business functions. Our world class development team will spend time understanding your operation, creating step by step guides on how EPO can integrate into your existing processes, creating a unique platform to help automate your business, reducing mistakes, admin time and costs.

Simply — Earn more money

EasyPreOrders offer vast returns on investment. Your workload will dramatically reduce your reporting, chasing and collating of pre-orders will become virtually zero whilst reducing waste in the kitchen.

EasyPreOrders will increase revenue by offering a better customer service to your customers by saving them hours collating information you demand of them. You can chase guests, and even take full online payments before their arrival; no more of your Waiters standing at the end of tables shouting out dish names in the hope guests remember their orders.

Run lunchtime offers to entice guests in is common place. Many venues offer the same food at half the price in off-peak periods but most do not realise its time that stops guests from walking in. With pre-order, pre-pay your chain becomes a lot more attractive by allowing guests to invite each other, pre order and pre pay shaving at least 20 minutes for small bookings and up to 45 for large bookings.

Understand your own business

With an EPO system you can have full operational oversight from any internet connected device from anywhere in the world. This means that from your beach bar in Hawaii, if you need to know what your top selling product was in your worst performing branch during the 3rd busiest week of the year, EPO can deliver you a result in seconds, and so much more.

By choosing to work with EPO you will receive the very highest standards of service to ensure your business needs are met across all of your venues and digital operation. We supply a world class product to your business and your customers, driving you to greater success, by making your offering the envy of the competition.

Manage your estate the easy way with EPO today, see how Ego Restaurants grew from strength to strength or call us on 0800 01 GO EPO