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Let your clients organise their events their way, the easy way

An organiser comes to your company to get a quote on hosting an event on their behalf. It could be a wedding, birthday, anniversary or corporate event. You know you need to be attentive to detail, and still offer a competitive price, as that potential customer will also be looking at your competitor offers.

Most businesses will speak to the client and discuss their needs, then take around 48 hours to manually prepare some quotes for them. Doing this take hours of time, several phone calls, waiting on emails to confirm availability, details being filled in on multiple spreadsheets, with tick boxes all over the place! At the end of all this haggling, organizing and collating, you are still not even sure if your quote will be right to win the business anyway.

EasyPreOrders offer a unique product to ensure that organisers want to send you their business again and again.

Sell any package anywhere

When you open an EasyPreOrders account you can create a range of bespoke ‘Packages’ that you can offer to prospective clients. These can be grouped to ensure that when a client is viewing what you can offer, they will only be shown the packages that are relevant to their event and needs. So if a customer calls you up and wants to see what wedding packages you can offer, you can send them a link to just your wedding packages for them to review and make the best decision to match their requirements and budget. Likewise if someone wants to book a conference with you, you send them a link to the available conference packages.

There are no limits to the number of packages you can create, or the number of groups to place them in, so whatever you can think of, EPO has a place for it.

Looking deeper into a package, your guests can see exactly how much it will cost them, set by you. The flexibility in pricing is there also, offering flat rate or per person pricing options. In addition, to customise their event, optional extras can be attached to the event to make it personalized. Think a red carpet, a limousine collection service or live band. These again can attract set fees, or per person pricing depending on the item. This also enables customers to add in additional itinerary items, such as timed events like arrival or speeches, building a bespoke event itinerary for all the guests to see from your available options, making it truly unique.

Food part of a package- Easy

You also have the ability to either offer a specific menu within the package, allow organisers to view a range of available menus for those events and select their own. The robust and powerful tried and tested EPO menu system enable set menus or A La Carte pricing options, and provides all of the associated reports and table cards, with no mistakes, having captured the choices direct from the guests attending the event. Can you imagine how much time it takes to call your 100 friends to get their food choices, or to write 3 courses for each person on a table card, with no mistakes?!

Customers pay how you want them to

For some events there is a fee to pay. In the case of the wedding example, there may be 1 person paying the lot, that’s a simple payment. There are events where each guest will have to pay their own fee, maybe a High school reunion party. If there are 100 people attending, who all need to make a payment, that is a lot of phone calls you will need to make to collect payments from everyone, taking up your business time. In addition you will need to manually record all payments so they can be cross referenced, and raise any associated invoices. Not with EPO PRO — all pricing and totals are automatically calculated correctly per person, and the correct invoices are sent to the relevant people in seconds. Payments are requested on submission of orders, and your handy EPO booking page will keep you informed of who is attending, has paid, and left to pay at a glance. Remember all those days you spent frantically looking through your binder to see if a deposit had been taken — they are a thing of the past with EPO.

Better Customer service

By using EPO you can make it easy for organisers to book any event with your company. They can choose the exact event that is suitable for them, in terms of itinerary and budget. They can easily invite hundreds of guests, quickly and efficiently, saving your organisers their time. They can check it’s progress from anywhere, on any internet connected device and In addition your business gets full oversight on attendees, package chosen and meal choices, meaning no nasty last minute surprises. Payments can be made to your business in seconds, and all of this can be done without your staff spending days of work in trying to organize a quote, saving your business time and money.

People have told us when they see the EPO PRO in action “It’s a no brainer” — we tend to agree. Your business needs EPO PRO. Every Business needs EPO PRO...

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