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A cruise is a big cost, both for operators and the guests on board. The operation is long and complex, requiring months of planning to ensure boats are filled and supplies are delivered to the exact time frames set out by you – the operator. Cruise Ships will have an itinerary of events to attend on board, from ball room dancing to comedy clubs, and a host of dining experiences to match the wide variety of activities on offer. Trying to cater for large numbers of captive audiences can be a gamble, producing extraordinary amounts of food wastage, costing your business millions every year.

An EasyPreOrders Partnership business suite could be just the ticket to charting your business on the bearing to success, leaving your fleet a nautical mile ahead of your competitors. Our clever customer facing technology can be blended with your existing processes in a seamless fashion, providing an enhanced customer experience for your guests, and reduce wastage substantially by bringing overcatering levels down, whilst ensuring guests can still have what they want.

Got 1500 people on your next cruise out of Dover? Why not invite them all to participate in an evening of themed events, with a menu to match. Guests would receive invites and be able to place their orders via smartphone, tablet or pc, sending this information directly to your suppliers, ensuring they deliver what is needed, bringing down overspending costs. Already left port? Relay the information direct to the kitchen, so they only prepare what they need.

Not everyone will of course preorder, but if even 25% of your customers do, on every cruise for a year, just think of how much money you can save. As preordering would provide more choice for customers, this would be perceived as better service, encouraging more repeat business coming your way rather than your non EPO competitors.

There will also be other benefits to your business buy understanding customer preordering levels, such as on quieter nights when docked in port and a large portion of the guests are on dry land soaking up the local atmosphere, the handy reporting functions can give your staff advanced notice of what prep work needs to be done ready for the next event. If things are very quiet then you can manage staff levels more efficiently, ensuring on board help is in tip-top condition.

Our world class development team will spend time understanding your business processes, needs and expectations, enabling us to build your business a unique partnership business suite. Our full ‘White Label’ service will ensure brand continuity with your existing trusted identity, whilst delivering the exact functionality required at each level of your business. When launching your bespoke EPO business suite on it’s maiden voyage, the integration with any existing systems is handled professionally to ensure a ship shape smooth process which works the first time, every time.

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