EPO Partnerships

Add a healthy dash of EPO to your business for the perfect recipe.

Your catering business is a machine, delivering a multitude of catering services to clients across your region. To achieve this takes a strong understanding of the multitude of systems used to find business, receive orders, relay the information to your chefs, organize logistics, placing orders & invoicing, not including the rest!

The difficulty in utilising so many systems usually means that somewhere in the vast chain of operations, there is always the chance a mistake can happen, with the potential to ruin an occasion. An EasyPreOrders Partnership business suite can eliminate these mistakes by fully automating your processes, enabling potential customers to receive quotes in seconds, and ensuring your stocks are managed correctly and efficiently, meaning a streamlined and functional well oiled business.

Our customer friendly front end systems can capture all the data normally sent on an email, or said over the phone. This method means the data entered is the data you need, eliminating the potential for errors in collecting information, reducing mistakes and wastage. This information collected is then formatted into the various ways it needs to be, and delivered to the relevant person or department in a matter of seconds, including the quotation to your client. They can even pay you from within the quote in seconds, using our encrypted secure payment technology, taking deposits or full payments easily. This method can automatically generate a receipt for the customers records, and update your bank account, meaning paperwork is kept to an absolute minimum.

At head office level you will have a full overview of every stage of the processes from anywhere in the world, keeping total control of your business. If you need to know when Mr Smith’s eggs for his wedding cake are being delivered and how much they cost, EPO can tell you in seconds, including who they are coming from, a unit price, how many are coming, when the order was placed and who confirmed it. Need more info – let us know and we can make sure that information is made available in your custom business suite.

We have a dedicated partnership development team that can spend time understanding your business, grasping the critical processes and ensuring your bespoke EPO partnership business suite does exactly what you want, when you want, how you want. The advantage of automating your business processes with EPO mean reduced costs, improved functionality, and more time for your staff to focus on what’s really important, delivering a great catering service.

Our experience in working with organisations of all sizes, from well loved independent single venues, up to international hotel brands, we have the knowledge and acumen to deliver what is right for your business. We provide a full ‘White Label’ service, so our powerful technology is fully branded to incorporate you existing design. Our ability to tailor make business suites to work with your existing processes mean that transition is smooth and simple, meaning that our existing operations can run as planned, meaning there are no delays or stoppages to your services.

Need to calculate the price for a wedding for a client in minutes? No problem.

Need to place an order with a supplier to ensure you have stock for the next weeks worth of events? It’s all in hand with EPO.

Get cooking with EPO today.