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Why PreOrder

There are key differentiators when comparing airlines and the in-flight customer experience is a key metric when calculating your brands value. It is common for in-flight food and beverage to be the third biggest cost line in a complimentary meal service brand. For airlines that offer optional extra food and beverage there is a clear revenue generator that could drive sales, reduce waste whilst reduce over-catering needless in-flight stock.

On brand

EasyPreOrders has the ability to look like you built our system. We offer a wide variety of technical APIs and webhooks allowing seemless integration and are able to white-label and brand any customer facing page. No EasyPreOrders user has to look the same, airlines can differentiate their offering by adding in and configuring varying packages, products, items and visuals.

Pre-flight orders

WHY? To offer a better service, differentiate your fleet whilst reducing cost, waste and your impact on the environment.

The idea is simple. EasyPreOrders can be used to capture passenger orders before they get on the flight and offering a system that integrates and talks to you and your suppliers.

EasyPreOrders has done the hard work to ensure you have all the data you need, create a flexible configuration so you can upsell and cross-sell anything. The most important part is that all of your business operations understand what people have ordered and when. EasyPreOrders has interfaces to suit Head offices, pre-boarding teams, and a beautiful in-flight interface for your in-flight teams to understand orders and even allow passengers to order in-flight.


Customers get what they want every time
Offer a wider range of products
Reduce over-catering
Increase Revenue

Our Service

Not only is our online platform simple and easy to understand but we have huge infrastructure allowing usage to go from 1 – 1,000,000 a day over night. There is no need for huge data centre’s, cumbersome and clunky interfaces, and our bug-bare of old Software suppliers.

We can fully support implementation. Working with you heads of department and IT teams over a short space of time we can draw up a full specification and map the end-to-end process.

A full training and implementation process begins as we configure your product in the background. On-site training is supplied by our senior account managers making sure inflight services and central head offices become experts. We run scripts to simulate usage and use our inhouse team to make calls and test staff to make sure they can administer anything.

You may have multiple existing flight planning and sophisticated weight calculation systems currently in place, and we have the APIs data to support it. EPO can build you a custom platform to improve your weight efficiency, reducing your fuel usage and enhance your customer facing operations.

Using this process we can be confident that when launching your bespoke EPO system, the integration with any existing systems is handled professionally to ensure a turbulence free, smooth process which works the first time, every time.

EPO employ real people, who enjoy working with real people that just want to do business. Give us a call and we can discuss with you how EPO can guide your profits to a steep incline and take your business to the next level.

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