Increase revenue at your restaurant

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By becoming easier to do business with you will receive more revenue. Boost trade levels by increasing the number of covers, using our cloud-based preorder manager, from work, home or on the move…

My customers are making more repeat visits since we started using EPO – we turn more tables in a night from the time we save by people preordering and prepaying… it’s fantastic!

Ego Liverpool

  • Start selling your food online within 15 minutes!
  • Totally secure online payment portal.
  • Average R.O.I. is 10 fold and up to 35 times!
  • Guarantee a 45 minute lunch, take customers away from supermarket sandwiches
  • Customers can preorder wine before arrival, meaning they are more likely to buy another bottle when dining.
  • Save staff time from reduced admin, allowing them to sell extras to customers.
  • Full meal payments in advance – clients have already budgeted and will have extra cash to spend on the night
  • Increased speed of service means more covers per evening, generating more money!

EasyPreOrders is the easiest way to make up to 30 times a return on investment

  • Question, if you had to organise a birthday party….. You have 2 venues to choose from, the first you can invite all your friends within a minute and you don’t have to lift a finger after that. Or do you choose Venue 2, where you have to create spreadsheets, manually invite friends, manually chase and drive to the Venue to give them cash you have collected. Any sane organiser doesn’t want to organise, the EasyPreOrders venue becomes far more attractive and 80% of our organisers agree!

    Time is a valuable commodity and it can be tough to encourage guests to spend time in your venue. EasyPreOrders can help and is already being used by countless venues to get guests in for lunch. It saves time enabling people to enjoy a 2 course meal in 45 minutes, leaving time to get back to the office.

    85% of guests would eat out more often if a fast turnaround could be guaranteed!

    Your business can transact deposits and full payments online in seconds by using EasyPreOrders, improving cash flow. Customers can plan their meals in advance to suit their budgets, and pay you before they even show up!

  • Venues using EPO report between 20 & 80 extra covers per month! Preorder and pre-pay enables venues to turn tables faster, fitting in more guests than usual by cutting around 30 minutes of each tables waiting time.

    By using EPO, organisers can make their own bookings at your venues, freeing up your staffs time to sell, sell, sell. Guests are more likely to attend after receiving a specific invite from a friend or colleague, as opposed to a generic marketing mail out looking for business.

    EPO organisers are 80% more likely to rebook!

    Our real-time booking system can quickly show you the total amount of each booking, including any outstanding monies to be collected. Advance information of meal choices can ensure your staff are aware of the choices in advance, arming them with relevant information to upsell a wine recommendation to enhance the dining experience.

    Taking deposit transactions for preorders secures the booking, and has proven to bring no-shows down to 0%. Using set parameters associated to different menus, you can receive all monies weeks in advance of the actual meal, improving cash flow, and making it easy for guests to send you their money.