Make your destination number one for conferences and events.

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Promote venues in your area and make your destination easier to do business with. Allow Conference delegates to review and choose a suitable a venue within minutes. Delegates can choose options, view itineraries and even pay individually if you so desire.

Our business contacted EN looking for a conference, they sent me options within seconds, and within minutes I had chosen a venue and invited all my delegates

Event organiser

  • Significantly increase the number of conferences and events in your area.
  • Understand by how much, when and how effective your quotes were
  • Promote conferences & events in your area to businesses.
  • Create quotes across multiple venues easily.
  • Filter venues based on organiser requirements.
  • Help customer organise events in your area online.
  • Venues you work with become instantly organised.
  • Venues can trade online within 15 minutes!
  • View reports across all your associated venues in seconds

Make it easy to do business in your region, with EasyPreOrders.

  • Finding the perfect venue to hold your event can be a long and stressful experience for any organiser. The process of contacting multiple venues, weighing up availability, costs, features and service – collating all of this information to make the best choice can take hours, if not days by the time all of the information is received.

    EasyPreOrders can provide your region with a central point of contact to offer multiple packages for a variety of suitable venues, helping you promote business in your area instantaneously.

    Our master account facility can quickly and effortlessly create quotations to match specific needs of organisers, helping you to secure their business in a matter of minutes. You can view all your available venues, what packages they offer, sorted by date range, or event type, allowing you to quickly offer tailored options to the client, from a variety of suitable venues from your portfolio.

  • Organisers can review this information in one place, identifying the best package for their needs, viewing multiple venues, itineraries and package bundles. Once they have chosen the right venue, they can pay a deposit, and invite all their delegates directly from your site, within seconds. At any point in the future they can log back in and review the progress, such as how many of their invitees have confirmed attendance.

    The EasyPreOrders solution will enable you to effectively take an overview of all the events you have booked across all of your venues in your region. This includes identifying how much business you have brought to a specific venue, in terms of revenue, profititbilty and overall success.

    You will have full oversight of all activity relating to any event booked using EasyPreOrders, form the amount of guests left to confirm their attendance, to how many profiteroles were used at the Christmas corporate do at the top performing venue last year. This information will enable you to better understand your clients, customers and business processes, identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities at every level.